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Sun Set

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Sun Bum

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Wow Bum

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Far East Bum

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Poker or Poke Me

We had been playing for about 12 hours straight at the 2/5 poker table. I had been there since 3 in the afternoon and James (I had learned his name about halfway through the session) had been there since the morning. James had a big stack in front of him maybe around ten grand, and I was right where I started at $400 after taking a couple of recent bad beats.
“Man I am tired, starving and up, I think that is my signal to leave.” James spoke my way.
“Me too, tired and starving that is.” I replied “and I have a 2 hour drive home.”
“Nasty, want to grab a bite before you go?” James asked
“Sound like a plan.” I replied as I informed the dealer I would be leaving and stood up with my handful of chips and headed for the cage to cash in.
After having cashed my chips I waited for James to cash his stack of racks and have a little side conversation with the room manager. James was quite cute by my standards and a hell of a poker player. After I made a terrible call against him early I stayed out of his way even folding AK to him after a strong reraise on his part. He basically dismantled the table single handedly.
“Hey Jack, check this out. They comped me free room service for the night. Come on and let’s eat in my room.” James waved at me to follow and I did. As I said James was cute, about 5’-10” and with a small poker tummy as I like to call it. I am about the same but I am a little chubbier than James.
Before long we were trading poker stories in James room as we waited for the burgers.
“Man I always feel like shit after a long session,” I observed, referring to feeling a little grimy.
“I know the feeling, feel free to grab a shower while we are waiting.” James suggested as he smiled.
“Naw, I’m OK,” shot out of my mouth at first but then quickly changed to “On second thought I’ll take you up on that.” I said as I returned his smile with a raise of an eyebrow.
I made my way into the shower, which felt awesome and after having done a thorough cleaning stood under the shower for a few moments daydreaming.
I soon felt a cool draft and opened my eyes to catch James climbing into the shower behind me.
“I thought you could use some company.” he raspily spoke as he pressed his body into mine and hugged me tight.
I said nothing as I grabbed both of his hands placing one on my left nipple and the other on my now stiffening cock, as I pressed my bum back against his rock hard dick. James continued to stroke my cock as our bodies pumped in rhythm against each other. It felt so good as the hot water splashed against us and James expertly pinched my nipple and stroked my cock. I was soon getting close to blowing my load so I spun around and grabbed James, shoving my tongue as far down his throat as I could while pressing my raging cock into his.
James reciprocated with his tongue as our sloppy juices slid back and forth between our mouths. I soon felt the point of no return approach and pressed my cock hard into James as I came all over his crotch. With each pulse of my orgasm I pressed harder into James and he met each push with his own.
Just then a loud banging snapped us out of our dance.
“Damn, the food!” James shouted as he leapt out of the shower, quickly dried himself off and wrapping a towel around his waist stepped out of the washroom to get the door.
We sat on the bed in silence eating our burgers and soaking in the new dynamic of our situation. After a few moments I broke the ice.
“That was nice.” I spoke
“Yeah, I was starving.” James replied
“I meant the shower.”
“I know, we kind of got interrupted though.” James said with a mischievous tone
I took the signal and crawled across the bed to James as he opened his towel. I wasted no time in crawling between his legs coming face to cock and began to lick his now stiffening member. He tasted so good as I took his fire hot dick into my mouth.
I couldn’t get it all as it was quite large, maybe 7 inches and big around too. I slid my tongue all around the head and teased the sensitive spot just below the piss slit. I then rhythmically move my head in time with his gentle thrusts just stopping each time before I would choke.
I did the best I could but my mouth got tired before I could get him off. I had to give up as it was now about 5 in the morning and I was exhausted.
“Sorry man.” I said apologetically as I crawled up beside James.
“No worries,” James whispered in my ear as he reached around me and rubbed my bum. “Do you mind?” he continued
I knew what he meant and whispered back “I‘m all yours.”
James jumped out of the bed and grabbing a couple of things from his backpack crawled in behind me and started to massage my behind. Slowly he opened my crack for better access and began to massage the lube into my hole, as he opened me up first with one finger and then two. His fingers felt so good massaging my hole inside and out. Having loosened me up he guided me up onto my knees and positioned his dick at my hole. I was literally at his mercy as I was so tired I felt like I could hardly even move.
James began to push his cock into my hole and that was when I remembered his size and thought this is going to hurt. As he slowly entered me I felt my ass stretch like never before and I could not help but let out a yelp of pain. James responded by pulling back a bit letting me get used to him. Then after a few seconds he pushed again. This time I bit my lip to hold back my scream against the ring of fire that was now my ass hole. I focused on relaxing to let him in.
With one final push his crotch hit my ass and he was now totally inside my slumping body. After a brief pause James started to bang away at my ass holding me up with his hands on my hips. Faster and faster he pumped my ass burning more and more with each thrust until he finally gave a final push, and let out a loud grunt as his dick pulsed inside me.
We both collapsed on the bed as I pooped out his slimy dick and we lay motionless catching our breath as sleep over came us.
I awoke the next morning totally disoriented and cold from having slept on top of the covers naked. Once I realized where I was I checked my watch and realized it was half past ten. James was nowhere to be found. I climbed out of bed and found a note on the desk that read.
Gone down to play some hands, come down and join me. James
I contemplated my plans while I showered and got dressed. After trying to find a reason not to go back down, I finally realized that I had every intention to go back.
As I entered the poker room I put my name on the list and then made eye contact with James. Once he finished his hand he came over and whispered in my ear. “Hey Jack, nice that you came down, I thought you might disappear.”
I smiled and whispered back “As long as you are here, I’ll play any day.”
“Great wait for my table the guys in seats 3,4 and 7 are call stations. Stay away from seat 5 and you’ll do fine.” James tipped me.
I waited for his table and had the session of my life. By 6 pm I was up 3 grand and James was up a grand himself. “What do you think, time for dinner.” I asked James.
James smiled and we both got up and left the table. We talked about our hands all the way up to James’s room.
Once we entered his room James turned around and wasting no time we both embraced our lips locked and tongues dancing as we pulled at our clothes. Totally naked we kissed and rubbed our way to the bed falling on to it but never loosing our embrace. As our bodies grinded together we were both rock hard and ready for action.
“I want your ass again Jack.” James groaned as our lips parted, and he started to spin me around ass up so he could fuck me again.
I though maneuvered myself onto my back. “I want to see your cute face.” I said as I smiled and lifted my legs.
“You got it Jack.” James said as he slid between my legs and shoved his tongue into my crack
I held my legs in the air and spread my cheeks give James supreme access. His tongue darted around until it found and probed my hole. I was in heaven, as my hole still sore from the night before was now being massaged by James’s soft tongue.
James then jumped up onto his knees and lubed up his huge dick. I was hoping it would go a little easier than the night before. James then lubed up my hole and opened me up with his fingers. As he then pressed his dick against my hole, James leaned down and our mouths met and we devoured each other. Slowly James entered me gently and easily this time. It stilled burned but in a painfully pleasurable way.
As he was fully in side me with both cock and tongue I felt like our bodies were meant for each other. James then started to pump his cock into me, not actually withdrawing but constantly pushing again and again to get deeper and deeper. I pulled my legs to try and allow him deeper. Both of us now so out of breath that our kiss was broken by us gasping for breath as our saliva and sweat dripped and slopped on each other.
Then with a final push James grunted and collapsed on top of me unable to support himself in the ecstasy of his orgasm, as his body spasmed again and again. I hugged him tight as he trembled in my arms.
After a few minutes passed James having regained his composure rolled off of me and settled beside me on the bed. “Give me a few minutes, Jack and I’ll take care of you.” James breathed referring to me.
I just rolled onto my side facing him and soaking in his sweaty body as James's juices oozed out of my hole. “I’m ok, take your time.”
Once James had come back to life he silently crawled down to my now soft cock and took it into his mouth bringing it back to life. It didn’t take long for me to be fully hard again as James expertly used his tongue to tease my most sensitive parts. I held off as long as I could but soon had to give in and grabbed James head and pulled it down hard as I started to squirt my load into his mouth. James took every ounce with a smile and slid up beside me for a nice tender kiss.
We just cuddled and again drifted off to sleep for a while.

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